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UPWIFT presents a screening of "The Good Mind"

Wednesday, April 19
Rosendale Theatre

This screening highlights a woman filmmaker, Gwendolyn Cates, who is taking on a major issue of our time, Native American sovereignty and water protection.The Onondaga Nation (Central Fire of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy) never accepted U.S. citizenship, has its own passport, and still maintains a traditional government led by clan mothers and chiefs. Motivated by ancient prophecies, the Nation fights for environmental stewardship of ancestral land and waters taken by NY State in violation of a 1794 treaty with George Washington. In and of itself, “The Good Mind” is an award-winning and moving film, however, its in-depth look at Native American and water protection issues becomes vital viewing for anyone who wishes to understand the recent protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline. Audience members will have a unique opportunity to learn more about these issues during a Q&A with filmmaker Gwendolen Cates.